Swaraj Kendra For Yoga


Swaraj Kendra for Yoga – Founder Anil Swaraj

How founder came into hermitage of Yoga:

An Engineer from University of Poona and Post Graduate in Management who worked in corporate world was leading a successful and so called happy materialistic life. As he reached the age of 35 yrs, the pulls and pressures of his life and work afflicted him with bodily ailments and slowly one after other – Lifestyle diseases started showing one or other symptoms. He became a classical bunch of numerous lifestyle diseases.

Hatha Yoga Journey –

He was convinced with an idea that ,before one gets into Yoga teaching , one must have some certification as it is the matter of some bodies health and precious life and guiding people with half baked Yoga knowledge may hamper and result into suffering of Yoga aspirants rather than offering any benefit to them . To authenticate his knowledge, he appeared for Yoga certification of QCI (Govt of India) and He was trained by Iyengar Teachers and has attended several Iyengar Yoga program and workshops.

He accomplished his Yoga Teacher training Program from Kaivalayadhama Lonavala Pune and to keep his journey as a student going, he is still studying and pursuing Masters in Yoga from CUJ -Central University.

Although he is working as a Managing Director/Director for Few companies, and as a social reformer but his utmost priority and passion for Yoga has finally become a mission of his life.

He has held several Yoga cum Love Kindness Meditation – workshops and camps  with CRPF , Food Corporation of India , Indian ARMY , Sports Authority Of India Centre , National Service Scheme-Youth Services & Sports, Central customs and excise, Several yoga workshops with colleges etc  . He also remained part of screening committee member for Govt of India Yoga competitions like – MY Life My Yoga by CCRYN, Ministry of Ayush, and Govt of India.

Along with Swaraj Kendra for Yoga, he is working dedicatedly for promotion of yoga through Indian Yoga Association as Secretary JK Chapter.

His teachings of yoga can be witnessed on www.swarajkendraforyoga.org

His personal puzzle of physical challenges, he resolved through Yogic practices –

At the age of 34, One fine morning his spine got locked and doctors diagnosed it as PIVD (prolapsed inter vertebra disc – a back ache issue) and suffered subsequently a severe setback which confined him to Bed and wheel Chair for months. Trauma was so worst that he was advised to stop driving and even sitting cross legs. Sciatica Nerve Pain, Acid Reflux, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) RBBB (Right Bundle Branch Block), Frequent headaches, Cervical spondylitis ( Stiff Neck and Pain ), Frozen Shoulder ,and  Inguinal hernia (in right side Pubic Bone ) are the gifts he received from his stressful corporate life style .He was fed up taking pills after pills of Allopathic drugs to treat plethora of ailments .

In search of relief from alternative health care, started self study and Yoga Practice of Hatha YOGA stream and studied in depth eight limbs of Patanjali Ahstanaga .He started practicing Yoga under the able guidance of teachers of Bharitya Yog Sansthan and attended various workshops with their senior learned Yoga Gurus like Shree Prakash Lal and Shree Rishi Sharma of BYS. He attained freedom from all physical limitations through Hatha Yoga practices.

His sacred spiritual Journey of Karuna Maitri:

His years of Sadhna and understanding of seeing the things the way they are – made him to derive Divine’s Grace that washed away all the dirt of his own fake self created identity.From these experiences he realized that he is not a mere bundle of flesh, bones with a mind but he felt that his true existence is beyond that. A clear message That ”Divine consciousness is within me” helped him to design a mission to spread this awareness of self healing of all sufferings of humanity . To make all the true seekers stay full time happy Through “Kriya Yoga (Tapha, Svadhaya,Ishwar Pranidhana ) with Karuna and Maitri is the ultimate mission of swarajkendraforyoga.

After this supernatural encounter,  spent the subsequent few years to explore His journey within, experiencing all the states of transformation along with  exploring his own Life journey to comprehend the true function of His birth as human being .

Teachings based on – Love and Kindness:

Over the coming years, Mission was initiated to develop, nurture and strengthen the human bond of love and friendship among all. Being fully aware of the state of humanity in the current times, SKY has developed a range of individual transformation programs and social initiatives for huge transformation in human consciousness through self-realization of every individual being, so that everyone can experience their true purpose of life and nature, that is Prem (Love) Karuna (Compassion) and Maitri (universal friendship )along with preparing humanity  to enter the new era of universal where technology and spirituality goes hand in hand with a wider goal of  – One World, One Family. Founder SKY has commitment to help and guide people to their purpose of life and self–realization, is the sole reason why SKY has become one of the fastest growing socio–spiritual institutions today. SKY conducts specifically designed spiritual programs for the seekers. It also runs social transformation activities encompassing both social and education projects .Under the same goal, SKY distributed smart phones to numerous struggling students of Govt. schools in India with poor economic background to help them study at home during Covid Pandemic and several such activities are carried from time to time. SKY also works with youth and environmental initiatives, as a social reformer, SKY dedicatedly and incessantly mobilizes and guides people from different backgrounds of life to serve humanity selflessly.

“Karuna (Compassion), Maitri (friendship), Shanti (Peace) and Nishkam Karma (Selfless Service) should be everyone’s goal and path to experience that absolute with in you. Only by treading this path –  you experience the supreme consciousness  and not by following  mere typical yoga postures, intellectual understandings ,Scriptures, literature, rituals, preaching  or advance meditation techniques.”

By imparting only pure easy going practical authentic and uncontaminated spirituality, our founder incorporated ancient spiritual wisdom of Sehajta- Sarlta (Ease) into modern concepts and practices. By constantly putting forward  His reflective yet simple to adopt and practicable  wisdom with unbelievable clarity and offering realistic applications for everyone’s holistic nurturing  through true blissful  experience, He has redefined spirituality which has helped him guide several disturbed minds , from various religions, beliefs and nations on how to live significant lives, with bliss, positivity, compassion, love and unity. Helping all seekers to witness an inner shift, by just re-establishing the lost true connection within and consequently freeing themselves from false perceptions and thus bringing close to them the much–needed true easy transformation in them.

“I want peace , I want peace – is but everybody longs for but must know that  nothing other than path of Yogic Life full of Karuna and Maîtri , can help you achieve the true ever flowing peace . Once you know  that its already there with in you , you Just need to  Reconnect and withdraw the nectar of  peace from the forgotten ocean called  Anandmaya Kosa ( Blissful body ) with in you , that is the source of peace love and compassion”


Indian Yoga Association : 


Swami Ramdev ji is the Chairman of the Governing Council and Guruji Dr HR Nagendra is the President. Founded under the legendary Yogi Padma Vibhushan Late Dr BKS Iyengar ji, Anil Swaraj appointed as a Parchar Secretary of Indian Yoga Association ( J&K chapter ) . 

To know about aims and objectives of Indian Yoga Association visit :  http://www.yogaiya.in/



Yoga Programs held with different departments of Govt. of India & Other Institutions

Certificate of Appreciation By CCRYN, INDIA

 Participation in an Online Webinar on
Yoga for Mental Health During Pandemic.

Yoga Trainer for CRPF on International Yoga Day 

Yoga Trainer for Sports Authority of India , Jammu Centre

Yoga Trainer for Central Excise Commissionerate on International Yoga Day

Press Coverage 

Honoured by Dr. Jatinder Singh ( Minister of State for the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region) and Satpal Sharma (BJP State President) 

Press Coverage 

Honoured as a Co-ordinator 

Yoga Session with India’s International Movement to United Nations

Stress Management Session with Indian Army (18th Battallion The Mahar Regiment)

Indian’s International Movement to United Nations  honoured Anil Swaraj & roped in him as Yoga and Life Coach 

IIMUN (India’s International Movement to Unite Nations) is a youth organisation comprising 26000 young organisers who put together student conferences in 160 cities across 15 countries, and work with over 7500 schools impacting 10 million making it the worlds largest offline social network.The outfit simulates the workings of United Nations for school students to engage them in thoughtful debates and discussions about international relations, current affairs and world politics  and also in a bid to teach them about Indian culture, traditions and values. IIMUN became the world’s first and only external civil society organisation to hold a full-fledged model UN conference inside the UN headquarters in New York from August 15–17, 2016 which now they annually organise.

Yoga Class and  Life Style Improvement Talk at Food Corporation of India , Divisional Office Jammu on  the occasion of International Yoga Day

Indian Yoga Association appointed Anil Swaraj as a Board member (Parchar Secretary) of J&K Chapter

 Anil Swaraj spoke as one of key speakers – Seminar on Geriatrics

Lecture on Pranic Vayu Healing System by Anil Swaraj

Anil Swaraj as judge for State yoga competition organised by Iya and yoga society.

Anil Swaraj as judge for State yoga competition organised by Iya and yoga society.

Swaraj Kendra for Yoga selected for award of
” Best Yoga Centre” By India’s Most prominent Fitness Awards 2019-20

International Yoga Day 2020


Participated in the Webinar Entitled “Essence of Yoga in the Present Era of Pandemic” on 19th June, 2020