Yoga for Females (Special Asana Sequence for Menstruation problems ,PCOD, Uterus and ovarian circuit problems , Menopause and Post-Menopause, Mood Swings and other feminine Health issues )

Every  woman has her own body rhythm and a story of health ; As the concept of Hatha( Ha  means sun and Tha means Moon ) Yoga says that right nostril represents sun and left nostril  represents moon .Based on this concept of yoga , as the Moon keeps on changing according to the different cycles of waning and waxing  , so too does a woman’s body, and her needs, change during her own cycle. In this special women class, designed by women for women, the practitioners will learn how to pay attention to their own bodies, using the basic yogic principles taught on the 5-day weekly course to help them practice in accordance with their health status, ailments  and life cycle . The group is warm friendly and the teacher – mostly women will give practitioners the chance to split their experiences, raise questions and to learn in a group together – to achieve the goal of how to relax your body and mind  and establish connect to their female nature to heal and rejuvenate themselves .

                                Even though the class is designed to offer women a practice accustomed to their needs specifically around and during the time of their monthly menstruation period, it should be noted  that women class  and the postures taught are both suitable and beneficial to all age groups of  women and girls .This special class will help you to dive inwards in a more feminine setting, and to heal and cure the diseases and ailments related to  feminine as mentioned in the title of the program . The special women’s class is taught mostly  by a woman teacher as per availability and is available to all women who have completed one or more 4-day basic one course with us in Swaraj Yoga style  .

Monday  – Friday (Evening)  with female instructor  under the guidance of  Master Teacher Anil Swaraj

Evening : 5:30– 6:30 PM  ( Timing keep on changing as per majority suitability )

Suggested Fee : Rs 2500/-

No Contribution required for poor ( Below Poverty Line ) under our  Social obligation responsibility .

Good Karma performed with your  contribution :

SKY has pledged and supporting  few pockets of  slum area named Maratha Basti, Near Railway Station , Trikuta Nagar & a slum school Sunrise Education Jammu along with its strong commitment to  Socio Development by performing Karma  which helps poor’s upliftment  in all the sectors –our fellow countrymen  are struggling with .

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HOLIDAYS : The Yogshala shall remain closed on all major Indian festivals .If any doubt ,can be clarified a day before festival with your yoga class teacher .