Dos and Don’ts Thumb Rules for Yoga Practice

Dos and Don’ts -  for Daily Yoga Practice : - Fitness Freakers and Yoga lovers always have numerous queries which haunt them and a little mistake can bring more pain than relief and benefits from yoga practice  . You…

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Heal yourself through Scientific Yoga

Five - Prana Vayus concept of Hatha - Yoga Prana vayus  pervade all living beings and matter existing on earth  and Pranic energy is the energy that moves the entire body system Secret of the Five Prana Vayus Vayus…

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Open Yourself To  – Ayurveda

Know your body  better than before  Show Your True Potential Have you ever wished for a straight forward road map illuminating the dark path to vibrant,happy and robust health, meaningful purpose of life , and an everlasting sense of…


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