Dos and Don’ts Thumb Rules for Yoga Practice

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Dos and Don’ts –  for Daily Yoga Practice : –

Fitness Freakers and Yoga lovers always have numerous queries which haunt them and a little mistake can bring more pain than relief and benefits from yoga practice  . You do not wait for any problem to come and knock your door so that you start practicing yoga, which will lead you towards a healthy lifestyle. If you have any misconceptions, here are some precautions that you can take before you start practicing yoga :

  1. Empty Stomach- make a habit  of taking Lemon and honey in first glass of water. Start with Half of  a lemon and can take gradually up to one lemon with one to two tea spoon honey (use lukewarm water in winters ) . Honey lemon water can help melt fat, clear up acne and “flush out” toxins from the body . you can have lemon water with honey anytime in the morning -empty stomach ,either before brushing & toilet or after it. . If diabetic don’t take honey – only take lemon in water ( No salt at all Please ) . Try to drink another two to four glass of plain  water . After this go for defecation . Don’t eat anything till your yoga session is over  . If you are suffering from constipation take triphala churna before sleeping  . Never Take tea empty stomach. Don’t take lemon if suffering from arthritis , other pains / joint pains . Bowels should be empty before starting yoga practice .
  2. Yogaasana practice should be done in a neat and clean room. If possible keep the windows open to let in fresh air and sunlight while carrying out yoga asanas
  3. If you don’t have time in morning for yoga it is ideal in evening too but you must have three hours empty stomach before indulging in yoga practice .  So say ,  if you take lunch at 2 pm . , then Yoga at 4.30  to 6 pm will be an ideal time   .
  4. Always wear a loose dress for yoga Keep a small towel to keep soaking your sweat during asanas with towel  which will keep you fresh  and clean .
  5. If ever had any bone fracture ,avoid any asana putting pressure on that particular bone area .Perform the practices as per your own capacity .It always takes some time to get desired results , so persisitent and regular practice is essential to drive benefits from Yoga  .
  6. Don’t speak casual stuff to people around you during your practice .
  7. Whatever you do clockwise needs to be done anticlockwise .
  8. Don’t hold body tightly or jerk the body at any pt of time during any Asana .
  9. Do not hold the breath unless it is specially mentioned to do so during the practice .
  10. Always breathe through nostrils unless instructed otherwise .
  11. Whatever you do with any Rigth side of body should also be done with Left  side .
  12. Whenever you bend backward inhale breath and when you bend forward pls exhale out your breath .When you move sideways exhale your breath . Keep taking rest when feel tired  by performing relaxation –  Asanas like Makarasana or Shavasana .
  13. Keep your eyes open during initial practice of Pranayama & once the practice enhances you may opt closing  or gaze at instructed spot by your guru/ teacher and during asana eyes can be kept open .While you are in lie position , always come out by taking a right turn and take help of hand and elbow to avoid strain on your back and without exerting pressure on heart .  
  14. Beginners may feel muscle pains during first  few days practice because of stretching but it will settle down for sure soon  . Follow Abhayanga-  DO BODY MASSAGE to get relaxed .
  15. Sitting in silence and watching your breath mindfully leads to Dhayana ( Meditation ) and is always best way  to  end yoga session to attain  real spiritual threshold  from Yoga  .
  16. Please don’t discontinue any medication unless advised by your doctor .
  17. Don’t eat or take bath immediately after yoga , taking bath and foodstuff after 30 minutes would be ideal  .
  18. If you are suffering partcularly from high blood pressure , Heart Ailments , Asthma ,Ear pain ,Chronic Back Pain ,Inguinal Hernia , Some surgery in past , Depression , Red Eyes or anyother chronic ailment   . Practice yoga  with support and guidance only. Be open to your teacher , More you tell him or her , better he/she  can guide you .
  19. Pregnant and menstruating women are not to follow the general yoga class . They need to be cautious in choosing asanas , so be carefull .

For women Yoga – practitioners :

During Periods /Monthly cycles   — – The  general medical consensus is that practicing yoga on your period is very safe and improves some of the symptoms that come with your period, such as cramping and moodiness but you need to be knowing which asana are safe . However it should be avoided if there is a lot of pain or heavy bleeding .

 Don’t do during periods  –Any vertical – Hanging especially Inversions ( This can lead to vascular congestion and increased menstrual bleeding.) , NO Back Bends – especially asana like Naukaasna ( Boat pose ) or any asana which exert abdominal pressure , No hand stand, Head stand ( Shirsh Asana ), Shoulder stand etc .  

Pranayama during periods  : Kapalbhati should not be performed in menstruation cycles . Other soft pranayama like Anulom Vilom ( Alternate nostril breathing )  and Bhramari ( Bumble Bee Breathing )  can be practiced  .

                                                                                                                      By Er. Anil Swaraj

The author is a certified Yoga professional by  QCI and Ministry of Ayush .


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