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Our Aim at Swaraj Kendra for YOGA (SKY) is to help yoga aspirants to achieve the best from their practice. SKY teaches a broad range of Yoga styles along with Holistic Nutritional living (Traditional Hatha Yoga, Suksham Vyayama to inspired by Inyengar Style with Swaraj methodology ) classes in a great environment of specially designed Bamboo Yogshala .Yoga and food habits go hand in hand and we work on both as per your doshas - following Ayurvedic theory of tridosha- Vata , Pitta and Kapha (Prakriti and Vikriti profiling and understanding ). All classes are customized to suit you as per individual’s body constitution . If for some reason you can’t find a class on the courses listed on website to suit your requirement , we can manage and arrange private sessions for you . SKY also offer corporate/Institutional yoga classes. Yoga has a vast spectrum to offer fitness and recovery for everyone, regardless of anyones age, size, gender or fitness level . There is no one simple way to practice yoga, every person has a different story behind his life journey and every body has its own unique demands and requirements. We try to have a holistic approach to nurture the health of every individual participant . Freshers can have a great Start or old Yogis can deepen their yoga practice with us for more subtlety and expansion of consciousness to explore the unexplored horizons of inner world which are more beautiful than these outer world’s beauty .

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