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Our Aim at Swaraj Kendra for YOGA (SKY) is to help yoga aspirants to achieve the best from their practice. SKY  teaches a broad range of Yoga styles along with  Holistic Nutritional living (Traditional Hatha Yoga, Suksham Vyayama  to inspired by Inyengar Style with Swaraj methodology ) classes in a great environment of specially designed Bamboo Yogshala. Yoga and food habits go hand in hand and we work on both as per your doshas-  following Ayurvedic theory of tridosha- Vata , Pitta and Kapha  (Prakriti and Vikriti profiling and understanding ) , all classes are customized  to suit you as per individual’s body constitution . If  for some reason you can’t find a class on the courses listed on website  to suit your requirement , we can manage and arrange  private sessions for you. 

SKY also offer corporate/Institutional yoga classes. Yoga has a vast spectrum  to offer fitness and recovery  for everyone, regardless of anyones age, size, gender or fitness level . There is no one simple way to practice yoga, every person has a different story behind his life journey and every body has its own unique demands and requirements. We try to have a holistic approach to  nurture the health of every individual participant  . Freshers can have a great  Start or old Yogis can  deepen their yoga practice with us for more subtlety and expansion of  consciousness to explore the unexplored horizons of inner world  which are more beautiful than these outer world’s beauty  .

Yoga For maintaining and boosting Health :

Fed up with monotonous routines ,ever nagging demands of materialistic life and now  looking to boost energy and mood  levels, improve flexibility, or you want more peace  and  balanced life then our  regular Swaraj Yoga classes help you . They are suitable for every age group  regardless of age, ability or yoga  experience. A total perfect way to relax, rejuvenate , restore and renew at both physical and mental level .

Therapeutic Yoga :

If you are seriously searching for a more personalized  and focused  approach to your health and wellbeing then Therapeutic yoga  could be the answer. As a qualified yoga instructor and therapist, our master teacher works with you to support your personal health goals like body alignment, regaining strength, correction in malfunctioning of all major systems of body from  endocrine system to excretory system ,  pain management , regaining emotional balance, or restoring depleted energy levels.

Holistic Nutrition : ( Diet- Aahar): as per Ayurveda – Doshas ( Vata, Pitta and Kapha )

Eating as per your current state of doshas (fault or disease ) of body can do wonder to bounce back with good health.We identify your current physical doshas and once profiling is done by SKY,we recommend you a special Indian Kitchen – diet chart and a lifestyle to come out of  your current state of  vikriti . It will not only help you become healthy but also help you feel fitter and cleaner and maintain proper  weight  . Good calculated  nutrition consumption as per your individual requirements  is the foundation of good health, the food stuff that we allow to go in  and the nutrients we absorb, ultimately help our body and mind to perform  an optimum way. So better you choose right diet to put your health back in the right direction .

Our Yoga Students Say About Us

Before entering SKY it is my Perception that yoga is all about flexibility and performing asanas. But my perception is totally changed because of SKY now i view yoga as a journey which starts with breathing and ends with breathing. There is no other path to achieve the transcendental self. All thanks to Anil sir. He is such a generous soul who teaches us to live life fullest. Thank you so much sir. More to learn from you 🕉
Antra Mahajan
"I think this is the most beautiful thing which has happened to me.Thank you Nandita Bajaj for introducing me to Yoga.I am seeing tremendous beautiful changes in me both inside and outside.Thank you Anil Sir ......u r a real guru u have changed my life......Through my post I would request each one of u to come and feel this ultimate bliss.."
Poonam Sharma
I attend so many yoga classes , but was not gaining much because of less individual attention or other reason. I joined Swaraj yoga , it was beyond my expectations and achieved what i wanted physically & spiritually. Thank you & Pranam to Yoga Teacher Anil ji
Meenu Bhatt
Great work by Anil Sir. He has great knowledge of Iyengar style yoga, hath yoga and ayurveda. Attended his workshop for 3 was awesome experience. I surely recommend it.
Gurcharan Singh
What i like most about swaraj Kendra is the Personal attention given to each participant. I have been going there for over a month now , and i get the feeling that Anil Ji is not doing it for money but to help others. Highly recommended.
Anadhi D
Conditioning of Mind with Meditation ,Body with Yogic Asanas is taken care of At Anil Sir’s Yoga Class. I feel so Rejuvenated. Holistic Health And Healing 🙏🙏
Nandita Aashutosh Bajaj
2 months back my TSH Thyroid shooted out of normal range this is when I started morning yoga practice with Anil sir and today my Thyroid is within Limits without any medications. Am so happy to share my experience and wish people suffering from Thyroid or any other ailments taking benefits of yoga with Anil sir.
Sonam Reen
After joining SKY my life is completely changed ! My perception even about yoga is completely changed..Blessed to be a part of SKY.. Thnkyou to Anil sir for teaching best for everything. Learnt alot and still learning... it's just best 🙏
The great personality Anil Swaraj doing great job...Extremely talented one Master Teacher in every field. Great practicing environment in yogshala and also the variety of courses and options of time are amazing..! I would definitely recommend this SKY Yogshala to anyone who wants to learn yoga.
Palvi Sharma
I have been practising yoga for many years and have been looking out for a good yoga teacher in Jammu. Clearly Anil sir and his knowledge on yoga and so much more that he teaches us in class was absolutely priceless! I feel very fortunate to come across the platform of SKY and Anil sir as our mentor. I can without a doubt say that it’s one of the best things that has happened to me in my life. Immense gratitude🙏
Pragya Sharma

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