Are you fed up with gulping medicine all the time ?

If yes then

Quantum Healing –
Mind Body Medicine

could be the option you must explore !

Patients suffering from even tough diseases to fight with like Auto immune deficiencies , different Cancers , Multiple Sclerosis ,serious life style diseases, constant anxiety hypertension , depression ,insomnia and so called irreversible health conditions etc have been benefitted with Cosmic consciousness grace if they really give time to themselves in understanding and practicing this sacred science . This mind body medicine has been there in cosmic design since ages and is nothing new but unfortunately we have lost this sacred wisdom of healing ourselves .

As Anil Swaraj explored his yogic journey ,
He experienced and realised that the same unitive consciousness lives in all and everybody has that fundamental creativity linked to supramental consciousness to heal themselves .

Definitely it’s not that easy and not meant for everyone .Only those who understands even a bit about universal consciousness or even little intellectually enabled can benefit more easily .

He firmly believes that one can heal the self, provided one understands that self healing is a process involving
Preparation , Incubation ,Deep insight and manifestation with understanding .

It’s rare that even instant healing may happen but it all depends upon the sufferers own intellectual capabilities and picking up with cosmic beliefs .As this is not a material medicine but a science of knowing the real self to heal and bloom again .

We take up such patients who have not been able to improve even after medication or don’t wish to get conventional treatments because of plethora of their side effects.

We dedicatedly work with such patients and induct them as a family member to bring new life energy to allow them to heal themselves at all levels – physical to mental .

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Wishing you all a happy healthy contented blissful life !


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